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Q. How do you ensure a customer is getting what they ask for?

A. Through precise communication and an attentive Team we collect all the information and specifications that our customers require from us. Our small team allows us to have an easy line of communication between each other.

Q. How do you ensure a customer is satisfied with the final product?

A. We conduct in-house quality-checks for all our completed projects to ensure that customers are satisfied with the final product. We also encourage customers to leave reviews once the job is complete so that we are completely transparent with our satisfaction rates.

Q. Why should potential clients choose Cosmic Plumbing?

A. We have extensive knowledge in our industry and hold our technicians to high standards with consistent training. We are always up to date with the newest technologies available on the market which allows us access to unique and easy solutions, making us more time-efficient and cost-effective than our competitors. Our team will never suggest work that is not necessary. By having direct discussions with clients, we aim to build trust, turning clients to referring and repeating customers. There are no surprises with us, you will know the process and progress of your projects from start to finish.

Q. Do hot water cylinders need servicing?

A. An annual hot water cylinder service is recommended to help ensure it is in optimal condition and in safe working order.

Q. Do you provide free quotes?

A. Yes, we quote you for free. Our technicians may require a site visit to investigate the project.

Q. My shower is temperamental and continuously fluctuating, what can be done to fix this?

A. This means the hot water heating system is not compatible with the shower mixer configuration. There are a variety of solutions to fix this, depending on the heating system. For example, upgrading the hot water heating system is a great option for long-term results or replacing the mixer with a more suitable configuration is also viable.

Q. What is the cost to install a NEW fixture?

A. Pre-piping, water and waste as well as the installation of a fixture, tapware, vanity, sink or toilet will cost approximately $1100 + GST.

Q. What is the cost to REPLACE a fixture?

A. Replacing a vanity, sink or toilet will cost approximately $750 + GST includes disconnection and disposal of the old fixture, re-piping for the new fixture, installation of the new fixture and tapware.

Q. How much does it cost to replace a mains pressure hot water cylinder?

A. Replacing a mains pressure hot water cylinder will cost approximately $2500 + GST including the disconnection/disposal of the old cylinder, seismic restraints, pipework and associated valves, TPR, cold expansion drains, testing and commission.

Q. What kind of Warranty do you offer?

A. We offer a 7-year Workmanship Warranty on all projects and a 25-year limited warranty for certain water supply pipework systems. We also offer product warranties depending on brand and models.

Q. What payment method do you accept?

A. To keep up with current times we offer a variety of payment options. For example, you may use credit card to pay directly through our invoicing system, you may also choose to bank transfer or trade Bitcoin and Ether through blockchain wallets.